Lost episode of geraldo at large

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I was always a fan of Geraldo Rivera. But theres a secret episode of his show which is called geraldo at large which you probably never seen. Its a very horrifying episode. Originally it was on it aried on the news on 9AM. But it was removed from brodcasting because it turns out that there was a secret natzi cult that was qiring the episode and it couldn’t be on 2 time slots. The episode of geraldo at large with geraldo rivera started as normal with geraldo rivera coming out. He had crumbs in his mustache and he said it as the camera zoomed into his face. "Do I have crumbs in my mustache?" I became extremely shocked as I stared into his grotesque mustache which was not only full of crumbs but blood! Now it was possible he had eaten a girl on set and he had period blood all over his face but it was disgusting I think more likley Geraldo was eating human flesh. And possibly the flesh of babies. Now im not saying theres anything wrong with eating babies im just stating that if babies could talk and plenty of babies that we could eat that you know now lets just say that evrey baby could talk you problay say that that baby is an asshole.just because it cant talk dosnt mean we should automatically love it. So if geraldo was eating babies I wouldve been okay with that. Anyway it countinued with him approching a man in a red and white striped shirt named waldo. He just stared at him for 3 minutes and they wernt saying anything. And then waldo noticed a man was watching him and ran away. Geraldo screamed THERE YOU ARE I FOUND YOU YA LITTLE FUCKER. He chased him thugh the mystical land of dicks. He chaed him and chased him until he fell and broke his arm. As tne parametics arrived the screen faded to black and there were alien zombies. Anyway later that day I found the second part of the VHS tape laying in the alley and is the same place were I found the original VHS tape. I mean it couldve been geraldo rivera because there was a dead baby on the sidewalk. But dont worry I threw it in the garbage. I put this new VHS tape on wich was geraldo at large part 2. I expected to see a substance but instead I saw geraldo rivera just walked out. He just stared and smiled at the camera and said "let me show yoj why this show is called geraldo at large" he pulled his penis out revealling his erect cock. I shut the program off immediately. It was also 2 inches erect. A few days later I got a beard In the mail. Someone had cut there mustache off and glued it the paper and put it in my mail. I was like who would do this? Who would mail me a mustache? I saw a man who looked like samual L jackson mowing his lawn. It was only then that I decided to go to the supermarket and buy apples. Im a huge apple fan. I really enjoy me some apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Basically what happened was as I approched the cashier he smiled at me. "Enjoy ya apples" I looked to see a man who looked disturbingly like geraldo rivera but without a mustache. GASP.