Obey The Hare

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Obey The Hare, (also known in Spanish as 'Obedecer la liebre'), is a video created by 'la liebre', a Russian cult. In the video, you could see what happened to Michael ********, who became a sex slave for the cult, and as in interviews became paranoid about talking about the movie 'Obedecer la liebre', and just gave me a disk, it was blank and didn't have a name or anything.

I brought it home, and went inside. I quickly inserted the disk into my DVD player and it played. It show a Hare, a claymation one in-fact. Annoying poor Michael, also known as the 'Hare Hunter' in this movie. Until, Michael was beating up the Hare, and he deserved to 'die'. But, Hare became back to life as you expected. And started doing the same stuff, again and again. The movie became demonic, and my laptop shut-off by itself. I had bad luck, until the end of my life...

original movie