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A Bit About Me

My name is K. Banning Kellum, I live in New Orleans and I have had a love for all things horror for as long as I can recall. Stories, movies, books, you name it. I am always telling friends scary stories, and over the last few years, people have sought me out to hear a story or two. So, hopefully that skill carries over here. I am very excited to be a part of this community and hope that I can create and publish some great stories that you all enjoy.

Growing up in a city like New Orleans, ghosts, the supernatural and the occult were just normal sights for me. From the ghost tours in the French Quarter, the Tarot readers in Jackson Square and my natural leaning to all things strange, it was only a matter of time before I would find that writing horror stories was a love of mine.

I have had a lot of professions, but the most notable would be the time I spent attempting to become a recognized ghost hunter (I didn't) and the 7 years that I spent in the US Army. Now I work in the French Quarter for a major hotel chain as a Risk Manager. The hotel I work at is allegedly one of the most haunted buildings in New Orleans, so it is not uncommon that I find inspiration just from going to work.

Either way, I believe strongly in the community concept here, so if anyone ever needs help, advice, a review or anything in between, please do not hesitate to contact me on my talk page.

My Pastas

Secret Bar -Kurt wants secrets, he wants to be part of the in-crowd. He learns the hard way that some things are kept underground for a reason.

We Called Him TaTa -This is a dedication to my grandfather. While the events of the story are fictional, the love and motivation to bring him back for one more day was very real.

They Hate Us and Want Us to Die -We love our pets, but do they love us? One man makes a fatal wish to find out just how our four-legged friends really feel about us.

The Demon in the Mirror Trick -Of all the people in the world, we think we know ourselves best. Can we possibly have secrets from our very own minds? Take a look into your mirror, stare hard, and see what really lurks just below the surface.

The Funny Foul-Up of Frantic Falcone -He just wants to feed hungry minds, but one man's students have other ideas. Is this a children's book or a portal into the mind of a psychopath. Class is in session!

The Demon Tobit of Delphia -*Won Second Place in the Damn Fine Pasta contest*-Derrick and Sergio just finished college and are off on an adventure of a lifetime. While touring South America, a slight detour occurs, and the final destination is a hellish world of arcane secrets and demons.

Joe Montana Saves the Princess -Brian has the perfect life. Rich parents, a trust fund and a future so bright that it requires sunglasses. So why is he obsessed with a local church? Try asking his dead brother.

Love Always -Chase and Ryan are best friends. So just how much can the bonds of friendship stand when starvation becomes a factor?

For Love and Hot Chocolate -They say wishing upon a star brings luck. For Blain Kellerman, it brings a nightmarish encounter with a seedy little man claiming mystical powers. Is Blain really willing to risk it all to save the love of his life?

My YouTube Readings

Some really talented readers have taken the time to read my work. Both videos are executed to perfection, and do my story plenty of justice. I will post a link to their pages below, please head on over and show them some support.


Chelly Bean

My Collaborations

Very exciting news! One my oldest and closest friends, J.C. Pavoni and I have recently discussed and agreed to go into an art/literature collaboration. J.C. is an amazing artist who I have know since way back in my Army days. He has a style of art that is detailed, unique and eye capturing. There is no one else I could imagine asking to bring my characters to life on paper. J.C. has a degree in graphic design, and is currently residing and working in Rhode Island.

I recently spoke with him about drawing some of the characters from my pastas, such as Mr. Pinkerton or Hyraaq Tobit. I am also hoping he will animate and bring to life characters such as the Bartender from Secret Bar or Brian Lawrence and Cynthia from Joe Montana Saves the Princess.

You can check out some of his work on his Tumblr page here,

JC's Tumblr Art

Also, come check out some of his earlier works here,

JC's DeviantArt

He drew my avatar on my CP Wiki username, so if you that, you'll love his work. Take a second to go and enjoy some of his artistic creations.

My Original Characters

The amazing folks over at Villains Wiki created some articles on some of my major storyline villains. Check them out to get a better look at some of my soul-sucking baddies, and take some time to check out the awesome work they do over at Villains Wiki.

Hyraaq Tobit -A dark god from the depths of time and space. His cult is featured in The Demon Tobit of Delphia and his power and evil is felt in For Love and Hot Chocolate.

Mr. Pinkerton -He's got southern charm and wit. His flowered words hide his true nature though, an evil and fanatical follower of Hyraaq Tobit. He has a Faustian approach to getting his dark master the souls he so desires. He is the main antagonist in For Love and Hot Chocolate.

Jodie -The seductive goth girl from Secret Bar . Uses her charms to lure unsuspecting mortals, like Kurt, into the hidden watering hole which is anything but refreshing.