Wayside Lost Episode: "Todd's Suicide"

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Back in it's 'Nicktoons Network' days, Nicktoons used to air a show called Wayside, which was based on the Wayside School books. I was never a fan of this show because it was so stupid. I used to have a friend, who would sneak into studios and steal unaired episodes of various TV show's. One included 'Wayside', we decided to keep it since maybe it was a 'scarier-look' at the show and books. We brought it to his house, where he had all kinds of episodes. He inserted the episode into the VCR, and it played normally, with the intro. But, there was something wrong with it; the song had changed to:

"He's gonna do it, He's gonna do it...

He's gonna end himself; once and for all...

He's gonna do it; and end all of his sins, once and for all"

It sounded like some strange poem, or something. Who's gonna do it? Also, this was played all through the entire intro; which made it annoying than the show itself. It showed Todd, sitting by a tree. He was writing in some diary, but it showed what he had been thinking:

"All my life had been was trouble; I can't take it anymore...

All my life had been was fucking terrible, I'm gonna end for once and for all..."

He sang it 10 times, before he took out a gun and shot himself in the head. Blood sprayed from his head onto the face of Maurecia, who's laughter could be heard in the background. She then tore open Todd's stomach, and played with his organs. The song from the intro played once again:

"He did it... He really did it... He ruined it for the rest; whom had killed themselves in shock... and now, your next".

After that, my friend looked at me and said: "Well, what did you think of my episode?", and I replied "Huh? Your episode? You made this?", and he replied "yes, I did". I was in a awkward position now, he made it? why, to scare me or make me scared out of my wits? I said to him "Your fucking insane, you demented bastard" and took a gun and shot him in the chest and he said his last words:

Thank You

Before he died, and I was shocked at what I just did; I killed off a friend that gave me 'Lost Episodes' something I never did before in my life and never will. I put his body into a black bag and dragged it into the river and let it float away, I saw something from the corner of my eye; it was... Maurecia, with that fucking damned grin and she was carrying a body bag too. I called out "Hey, need help?", and the girl replied "no thanks... I'll get you some help though, soon...", she began to laugh like an insane person and vanished into the woods. "Fucking creep, probably followed me into the woods..." I said, in anger. I will be in trouble with the police, if anyone leaks this online; I will do the talking around here and spam you and track your IP address, rule #1: DON'T LEAK THIS ONTO THE INTERNET!!!

(I leaked it anyway...)

Post 2 - 02/1/15

After watching this episode, I began to see things in the corner of my eye. Like I saw Maurecia, with the smile from the episode. And this always has to happen at night, always. She tries to kill me everytime I don't look back at her, and when I do; she disappears. Am I insane? Do 'Lost Episodes' actually cause people to go insane? I need to check myself into a asylum, I will sing the poem, while I dial 911 that I will 'kill' myself.

I am gonna do it; I will end all my sins...

I am gonna make a better world; in heaven

Goodbye all my friends, except you, Dale (the one who gave me the video).



The Neighbors woke up in sweat from the loud 'boom', they had walked over to the house of Nick Daley, who had killed himself... and it was all because of ME, that's right, I did it... I killed him, my name is Maurecia and I am your new friend, have fun with me tonight, hahahahahahahaha!